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W.A.M. 4 Women
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(What About Me?)

Are you a working woman who often feels overwhelmed juggling

Are you a woman who feels depleted because you give so much to
everyone else, but can’t seem to make time for yourself?

Are you a Mom who loves her children dearly, but feels as though
you’re losing a part of yourself?

Are you a wife/girlfriend who makes sacrifices in your relationship
over and over again?

What About Me?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, or questions like it, you
might want to give
W.A.M. 4 Women a try!

W.A.M. 4 Women is a 6-week “telephone conference” group
hosted by a Certified Life Coach.  It’s designed to help women gain
skills, and discuss important issues like:
Dealing with Fear/Failure- and what do fear and failure mean to us,
Developing Greater Self-Esteem
- what is healthy self esteem and why
do some of us feel like we're never “good enough”
, Finding Your
- figuring out what you're meant to do and setting goals to help
you work towards getting there
, Setting Boundaries- and being able to
Just Say NO
, Discovering Your Vision- where do you want to go and
what do you want your future to look like,
and more.  
Plus, you can call-in each week from the comfort of your own

This call focuses totally on YOU and your needs as a woman.  Isn’t it time
for you to do a little something for yourself?  What do you have to lose?  
Call the number below and listen to the recorded message.  If the
information is not for you…hang up with no further obligation; however, if
it is for you, and you would like to find out more about the next
W.A.M. 4 Women group call, please leave a message.  It’s time for YOU
to give back to YOU!

Ext- 77090#
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What others say about Lenora!
Participating in the W.A.M. 4 Women calls helped me figure out why
I wasn't succeeding in my business! Now I have clear goals,
strategies to help me reach my goals, and more enthusiasm for what
I do!!!!!  It was awesome to be able to connect with other women,
who, like me, feel they have little time for themselves! I am so
thankful for Lenora and the other women who were on the call!!!!! I
look forward to continuing with the goal setting sessions offered!!!!
--- Chantel (Network Marketing Consultant)