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Success and Life Coaching
Imagine how you would feel if you knew you could create your life however you wanted. We all
want great health, meaningful work and fulfilling relationships. In the end, we all crave one thing-
HAPPINESS.  We long to play, love and enjoy life.  Yet, few of us know how to design a well-
balanced and deeply satisfying life.

Have you heard the sayings:
“Don’t get too big for your britches.” “Who do you think you are?” “No one in this family
has ever . . .”

In our culture and in our families, most of us receive far more messages pressuring us to conform
and stay small rather than inviting use to live out our dreams.  Our culture tends to emphasize what
needs fixing rather than what works. As a society, we focus on what’s wrong without giving much
attention to all that is right, and in the process, we have little support for fully believing in ourselves.

Additionally, while growing up, most of us received personal messages that we were not good
enough, either directly or indirectly. If we don’t become aware of these messages that
automatically govern our thoughts and actions, we will continue feeling that we are not good
enough. If however, we change the way we look at our beliefs established in childhood, we can
then change the way we think about things in our adult lives.  We can then choose new beliefs
about ourselves.

While working with a
Success and Life Coach, a client focuses on what’s working and builds on
that. If they don’t know what they want in their lives, they explore that. If they do know what they
want, they begin to make new choices and create new habits. Life coaching builds a bridge
between where the client is and where s/he wants to be.

Business/Career Coaching
A Business/Career Coach can help clients find the passion they have lost in their chosen careers or
find the courage to move into a new business or career. The entire process – from exploring
possibilities, to the moment of discovering what it is they truly want to do, and finally, putting a plan
in action – is very rewarding for the client and the coach.

A coaching relationship can take many forms (email correspondence, telephone calls, etc.), but the
key to success is the client and coach working together and the coach providing meaningful
support to the client.

In Business/Career Coaching, clients typically want:
Insight - a deeper understanding of who they are and what type of business/career would bring
them purpose and meaning.
Direction- a better understanding on how to effectively write a powerful resume.
Planning - roadmaps for taking their career to the next level.
Listening - a sounding board to talk out ideas and brainstorm.
Prioritizing skills - strategies to gain balance at work and home.
Editing - ideas for editing their resumes, and other correspondence, so they can convey their skills
Interviewing - to prepare and role-play so they can showcase their skills effectively.
Networking - to be comfortable with networking and leveraging existing relationships.
Accountability - a supportive, yet disciplined presence, that will keep them on track.

Some clients do not know the answers to their career questions, and they need a coach to help
discover them.  
Business/Career Coaching is effective because it provides the courage, support,
and direction necessary for these answers to come to life.

Relationship Coaching
Life is all about relationships.  Whether it's your relationship with your parents, siblings, friends or
significant other, everything we do revolves around our relationships with each other.  In the end,
we want our relationships to be harmonious, balanced and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, we are not born knowing how to create healthy, balanced relationships.  So, our
role models for these types of skills can vary widely between being healthy and being unhealthy.  
Regardless of our models, we still learn as we go (especially in our personal or intimate
relationships) and this requires us to be open, honest and vulnerable.

Some people can do this easily, others cannot.  Some people never learn how to change or let go
of relationships that are unhealthy. They don't know how to grow from the pain.  They never learn
from their relationship experiences, and they never realize that they can actually create the
relationships they want.  These people may know that they want something different in their
relationships, but unfortunately they don’t know what that is or how to find it.

But there's great news...Healthy relationship skills can be learned, and unhealthy relationship
patterns can be changed. Supporting clients to develop their skills in order to create balanced and
fulfilling relationships is the role of a
Relationship Coach.


*Information from coachtrainingalliance.com website

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